Be a Leader

Leadership opportunities help shape the strategic direction of the University. There are several ways you can get more involved with the UChicago MBSAA. Visit the pages below to learn more, or email us at

Alumni Council

Members of the Alumni Council contribute their varied expertise to improve programs for students and alumni, engage the medical and biological sciences alumni community around the country, and serve as active philanthropic leaders for Pritzker and the BSD.

Reunion Committee

Reunion class leaders make personal connections with their classmates and invite them to attend. If you would like to connect with your classmates and help generate enthusiasm for your upcoming Reunion, the UChicago MBSAA would welcome your participation on a Reunion Committee

UChicago Alumni Board

The Alumni Board promotes the connectedness of the broader University of Chicago community through volunteerism, philanthropy, special events, and advocacy. It sets policy for the University’s Alumni Association, and advises the University’s Trustees.